Veneer Patching Machine for Face Veneer and Core Veneer Semi-automatic

In the plywood production process, the natural defects and cracks of veneers need to be repaired. Most of the plywood factories in China adopt this semi-automatic veneer patching machine to patch veneers for improving veneers' quality. This veneer patching machine punches out shapes in veneers and makes patches first, and then fill shaped patches manually, and finally use veneer paper tapes or hot-melt adhesive to adhere.

This veneer patching method can save costs, maximize the use of poor-quality veneers, and reduce veneer waste. This veneer patching machine is suitable for repairing veneers of different thicknesses, veneers of different sizes, face veneers and core veneers.

According to the size, quantity and combination of the grinding tools, the prices are different. Most of the machines are customized.

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